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English 10
Instructor: Mr. Tacsik   
English 10A is a required five-credit semester course that fulfills the college and ninth grade graduation requirements for English. The 10th grade course introduces students to various genres of literature with writing exercises linked to the reading selections. Through the benchmark and core assignments, designed to correspond to the California State Content Standards for English/Language Arts, students learn literary analysis skills, with particular emphasis on character development and conflict. Students learn to write expository, analytical essays about literature, to practice the fundamentals of research, and to become more skilled in oral expression.

10th Grade Themes:
Man and Society: The effects of language, media, propaganda, and culture on our world view.
Literary Focus: Analyzing authors’ stylistic choices to reflect their attitude towards their subject, audience, or theme. Examining the effects of propaganda, rhetorical devices, diction choices, and figurative language on the individual in a social context.
Due Dates and Final
Upcoming Due Dates and Information About Your Final

Vocabulary squares due. Include: definition, synonym, sentence, connection or illustration.

Tuesday 8 a.m.
Animal Farm final draft due. Submit through Google Classroom/Drive.

Final Exam
The final exam will consist of:
Logical Fallacies (See attached document at bottom of the screen)
4-5 Paragraph In-Class Essay answering the question
How does the philosophy of idealism affect the world?
Text passages can be found in a PDF titled "All Passages" at the bottom of the page.

MLA Formatting an Essay
Propaganda Techniques
The propaganda techniques Power Point has been attached at the bottom of the page if you need to access it.
Week 3 Grades
I've updated the grade book for Weeks 1-3 of this semester. If you notice that your overall grade is noticeably low, it is probably because you have a single missing assignment in a grading category. So, right now, any missing assignments lower your grade quite a bit. Remember, any missing work can be made up for half-credit, just turn in the assignment or meet with me during nutrition or lunch to get make-up assignment instructions that you may not have.
Study Guide Period 6
Night Study Guide
Julius Caesar Study Powerpoint
At the bottom under attached files you will find a Power Point Jeopardy quiz that you can review for the test tomorrow.
Table of Contents for Notebook Check
Since we have a notebook check coming up this Friday, these are the entries that you should have in your notebook.

Annotating a Poem

“I Acknowledge Mine” Tone in an Essay

“Harrison Bergeron” and Satire

Julius Caesar Act 1

Exposition Paragraph Act I (Julius Caesar)

Qualifier Review

MLA Formatting Review
Socratic Seminar "Harrison Bergeron"
Link to Socratic Seminar preparation slides if you want to review.

Tomorrow we'll complete a Socratic Seminar on "Harrison Bergeron" - please be prepared with interesting and engaging questions.

No "Homework" exist(s)

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